Street Legal Racing Redline

Street legal racing redline is a game where you could build your own car, from strach, then race it. you could build from the small Peel P50 so a 2000 hp Toyota Prius. This game is extremely silly, but it works, so it isn’t. You can download mods from the forum to expand even more and build even sillier cars.

This game was released back in 2003, but it is so fun people seem to like it even more, and with a bigger community, we have seen a lot of mods, and even more cars to downloadsslr

Link for the game:—Redline-v221

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Weapons in Warframe

Warframe, as I said in the last 2 articles, is a really fun MMO game, and with a great game, comes a really good choice of weapons. You could have 3 weapons each time, which are primary weapons, secondary weapons, and melee weapons.

1. Primary weapons

The primary weapon is the most powerful and probably the weapon that you will use the most. Primary weapons consists of rifles, snipers, shotguns, and even bows. these weapons are really effective when it comes to killing enemies.

Warframe primary weapons

2. Secondary weapons


Viper, a Warframe secondary weapon

Secondary weapons consist of mostly pistols, some knives, and some throwable knives. Secondary weapons are usually used if you run out of ammos on your primary weapon, if you are in a close range battle without a lot of enemies.

3.  Melee weapons

Melee weapons consists of mostly swords, and are really fun to use that the fact that they are silent and don’t trigger alarms. these weapons are also fun to use if you want to slice your dead enemy, in half.

Warframe melee weapons

Warframe melee weapons

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What to do in Warframe

if you dont know what Warframe is, i suggest you go to my last post.

warframe gameplay

Warframe gameplay

In Warframe, you can do such amazing things, such as killing monsters, then splitting them in half, or sit on them once they died, you can do trading with strangers that your mom told not to when you were 5, and even chatting with them. Moms worst nightmare.

Warframe planets

Warframe has a lot of planets, starting off with realistic like for example, Earth, or Mercury, or even that gigantic planet Jupiter to unrealistic planets like Eris. on those planets you will find a lot of mission to do, and you can even do them with your friends, or i you don”t have one, play it on your own.

Warframe trading

Trading is also really fun t do if you plan on being a business man. You can trade Warframe, which are suits like what you find on Ironman, and weapons.

Chatting with strangers are the best part. you could find really nice ones, that will invite you to on a Sunday evening, or a really annoying one that will call you a noob.

those are just some examples of things you could do in Warframe, if you still haven’t downloaded the game, the link is in my previous article, or you know, open a new tab and you Google it your self, you lazy bum. Kevininfo, out.

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Warframe is a game where you implement the fictional futuristic scene with a taste of ninja skills. warframe has a capability of running in 4k displays while with a powerful computer still running with over 60 fps. warframe is a free to play game on steam, and in a size of 6 gigabytes, it totaly worth it.

warframe isnt like all free to play games where you have to PAY  to win instead of play to win. although warframe is a free game, it still has some DLC which you could buy for some real money. the cheapest one today cost $11.99 and the most expensive ones cost around $30. you can also buy in game money stating from $4.99.

warframe warframe is also a multiplayer game which means you can play with your friends withount having to cvome over to their houses, which kids these days are ladzy to do.

Link for the game is here:

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In this Clip…..

1. Apa yang dimaksud dengan pra-produksi film?


Praproduksi adalah salah satu tahap dalam proses pembuatan film. Pada tahap ini dilakukan sejumlah persiapan pembuatan film, di antaranya meliputi penulisan naskah skenario, menentukan jadwal pengambilan gambar, mencari lokasi, menyusun anggaran biaya, mencari/mengaudisi calon pemeran, mengurus perizinan, menentukan staf dan kru produksi, mengurus penyewaan peralatan produksi film, dan juga persiapan produksi, pasca-produksi serta persiapan-persiapan lainnya.


2.Sebutkan tiga tahapan dalam pembuatan sebuah film?


Pengembangan (Development Stage)


Pra-produksi Awal (Initial Pre-production)


Pra-produksi (Pre-production)


3.Acuan seorang actor dalam melakukan dialog disebut?




4.Jelaskan mengenai storyboarding dalam tahapan pra-produksi!


storyboarding adalah  salah satu cara alternatif untuk mensketsakan kalimat penuh sebagai alat perencanaan. Papan cerita menggabungkan alat bantu narasi dan visual pada selembar kertas sehingga naskah dan visual terkoordinasi.


5.Apa yang kalian ketahui mengenai kru?


kru film adalah orang-orang yang membantu membuat film. terdiri dari berbagai bidang.


6.Kegiatan pengambilan gambar scene per scene disebut dengan?


kegiatan itu di sebut shooting


7.Dalam tahapan produksi apa yang dimaksud dengan video mastering?


film editing


8. proses memberikan sentuhan music kedalam sebuah film disebut dengan?


film editing


9. orang yang melakukan kegiatan editing film disebut dengan?


film editor


10. jelaskan mengenai rendering pada sebuah tahapan akhir pembuatan film?


Rendering merupakan salah satu sub topik utama dalam 3D computer graphics. Dan pada prakteknya selalu berhubungan dengan aspek-aspek yang lain. Seperti Graphic pipeline, yang merupakan tahapan terakhir, memberikan tampilan akhir pada model dan animasi.


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nike mercurial

nike mercurial

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Hello world!

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